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Duryea Borough Sewer Authority (DBSA) Board members meet on the first Tuesday of each month (unless this date is a Federal Holiday).

Meeting Location:
315 Main Street
Duryea, PA 18642
Conference Room

Meeting Time: 6PM

DBSA monthly Board meetings are open to the General Public and/or if any person requests by 12 PM on the date of any meeting may be connected via ZOOM.

DBSA office must be given the person’s required information to connect to them via ZOOM by 12 PM on the requested meeting day.

duryea borough sewer authority building

Meeting Agendas & Schedule

The DBSA is legally required to publicly post meeting agendas the Monday before each meeting. These listed agendas will remain on the site throughout each year of meetings. New lists of meetings will be posted yearly.

2023 Meetings

2022 Meetings